World Awareness Children’s Museum Glens Falls – Inspiring Children Since 1985

Our History

The World Awareness Children’s Museum (WACM) originated as the vision of one woman, Dr. Jacquiline S. Touba, who in 1985, believed with a dozen other community leaders, that sharing and exchanging the visions of children around the world would promote an appreciation of cultural diversities.

The International Arts & Culture Association (IACA) was formed in 1985 and augmented a growing collection of children’s art with educational artifacts from around the world.  IACA also organized the annual International Festival of the Adirondacks from 1985 to 1995.

To preserve these growing collections, IACA applied to the Board of Regents of the New York State Department of Education to become a Museum.  In 1995, the World Awareness Children’s Museum was chartered.

The World Awareness Children’s Museum is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization funded from admissions, memberships, retail store, fundraising events, and donations and grants from individuals, corporations, and government.

Our Mission

To bring our diverse world to children.

Available Programs

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The Museum space is divided into the following exhibit areas:

  • World Gallery
  • Home & Family Life
  • Currency & time Zones
  • World Music
  • The Marketplace
  • World Fashion
  • Globe Theater
  • Art Studio & Gallery

Carefully prepared discovery guides to make your tour fun and informative. Create your own travel adventure, design a unique craft to take home, play games, hear stories, participate in puppet shows, dance, shop and so much more! Ask how you can get a passport and collectible stickers!

International Youth Art Exchange Program

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The backbone of our organization is in the exchange of youth international art. Annual themes inspire youth to channel their unique perspective of the world through drawings and paintings. Art is truly the universal language and our permanent collection includes over 7,000 pieces of original children’s art from 81+ countries. Each year, we welcome new participant schools, museums, and libraries to participate.Ask us how you can have a virtual tour of the artwork. We are also forming virtual meet ups and gallery exhibitions…join our online community to learn more!

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Imagine your group immersed in authentic, interactive world adventures.We specialize in tailoring entertaining and educational programs in our Museum (Glens Falls) or at your site. Educators love our programs because they are written to NYS curriculum standards. Our programs are designed for individuals of all ages from the very young to seniors.Themes explore geographic regions or different aspects of culture such as dance, sports, nature, celebrations, and other traditions.Call and let us know what you’re looking for!

Tailored Exhibit Themes for your Space

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Beautiful international youth art can adorn your walls. We can help you create a themed exhibit for that special occasion. Borrow for short or long term use. OR you can also purchase color copies of the art–over 7,000 pieces to choose from…choose a country or theme and we’ll help you find the perfect piece of art.Puppets, masks, dolls, costumes and so much more to choose from–give us your wish list and we’ll get to work and design the perfect solution!