Kids Education Programs & Learning Activities Near Saratoga & Lake George NY

Outreach Programs

Let the World Awareness Children’s Museum bring our interactive, hands-on, outreach programs directly to your site! Designed for individual classrooms of up to 30 students, all programs are:

  • Interactive and group-work based
  • Feature hands-on learning with objects from the Museum’s collections
  • Include an art project to take home
  • Aligned with NYS Common Core Curriculum standards and modules

Contact: Bethanie Muska
Phone: (518) 793-2773 x 303

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Educational Outreach Series

Additional support of World Clothing: What Should I Wear? was made possible with funds from Stewart’s Holiday Match Program.

Preschool – Grade 2
Program Name Length Description Cost
Celebrate Chinese New Year 60 mins. An introduction to the Chinese New Year Festival, students learn through hands-on stations with authentic clothing, objects, and a make-and-take project that brings this celebration to life. $125 + mileage
World Food:  What Should I Eat? 60 mins. Explore the use and impact of corn, rice and wheat in world cultures. Hands-on stations include measurement, setting an international table, and a make-and-take project. $125 + mileage
World Clothing: What Should I Wear? 60 mins. A fun program that explores how people’s geographic location influences their choices in what to wear. Interactive stations include clothing to try on, a matching game with international dolls, and an art project. $125 + mileage
Grades 3-6
Program Name Length Description Cost
Cultural Aspects of Clothing 75 mins. Through interactive stations and hands-on activities, students examine how people’s cultural background, geography, and climate affect the clothing they wear. $135 + mileage
Chinese New Year Traditions 75 mins. Study the traditions and customs of Chinese New Year, learn some Mandarin phrases, and create an authentic make-and-take project. $135 + mileage
Discover Brazil

75 mins.

Through hand-on stations and activities, students explore three major regions of Brazil and how climate, geography and natural resources affect the way people live.
$135 + mileage
World Food: Great Grains 75 mins. Examine three major grains (corn, rice and wheat), why people around the world traditionally grow, cultivate, and eat those grains, and what part they play in daily life. $135 + mileage
Mexican Celebration: Day of the Dead 60 mins. Culture comes to life through hands-on stations, art and authentic objects as students learn about this significant Mexican celebration of ancestors. Adaptable for middle/high school groups, this program gives important context to the Day of the Dead and its role in Mexican culture and heritage. $125 + mileage

Dia De Los Muertos: Day of the Dead

Welcome Home Series

The Welcome Home Series is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

Grades 3-6
Program Name Length Description Cost
Welcome Home, Japan 75 mins. Through the use of objects and arts, students will explore a traditional Japanese home and learn how it is similar and different from their own home. $135 + mileage
Welcome Home, Nigeria 75 mins. Students will explore the contrasts and common elements between homes in the cities and homes in the villages of Nigeria. $135 + mileage
Welcome Home, Bedouins (UAE) 75 mins. Children will learn, compare and discuss culturally-based gender roles in the home as part of traditional Bedouin society. $135 + mileage

Welcome Home Bedouins (United Arab Emirates)