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Premium Art Exhibitions for Loan

World Awareness Children's Museum: Traveling TreasuresOur visually powerful Premium Exhibitions are window-matted with cream-colored archival mat board and shrink wrapped with tabs for easy push-pin hanging. Premium loans include interpretive text panels. The number of pieces varies with individual exhibition titles. For an additional cost, the art can be framed to give it a more professional, museum quality presentation.

Premium Exhibition Fees**

Exhibition Length Cost
6 weeks $450
8 weeks $580
10 weeks $710
12 weeks $840
** Premium Exhibition Fees include shipping within the continental United States.

Download Exhibition for Loan Form – download pdf

For additional information about Premium or Custom Loans, please contact the International Youth Art Exchange Director at 518-793-2773, x307 or

Art Prints

Individual reproductions of art from the collection are also available for purchase. Contact the Museum at 518-793-2773 for more information.

Premium Exhibition Themes

The Power of Masks – The meaning and roles of masks in various global societies is revealed in this colorful and informative exhibition with four themes: Transformation, Identification, Drama and Disguise.

Ceremony & Celebration – This exciting, solemn and insightful exhibition represents content as diverse as Polynesian first birth to mourning in Finland, to festivals of India and Asia. It includes works from Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Seasonal World Celebrations – Every culture celebrates special events throughout the year. Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan, Ramadan in Egypt, and going to Temple in Bali, Indonesia are some of the featured ceremonies and celebrations in this exhibit.

Folktales and Legends – This exhibit brings alive the stories told in folktales and legends including the Chinese Journey to the West, the Finnish Kalavela, the Lithuanian Egle and the Snake Prince, the Russian Tzar Sultan, Beautiful Swan and Tsarevna and the Frog, as well as several Romanian short stories.

World Dance – This exhibition presents the different roles that dance plays in world cultures such as spiritual, maintaining traditions, storytelling, entertainment and creative expression—all vividly portrayed through international children’s art.

World Music – Whimsical, educational and enjoyable, this exhibition depicts musicians, instruments and dance from around the globe.

World Fashion – Traditional dress and modern fashion are both showcased in detail in colorful selections from cultures of North America, South America, Europe, Far East, Indian subcontinent, central Asia, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Then and Now – Exploring [Comparing] traditions of the past and present, this exhibition compares contemporary Balinese children’s art from the Museum’s collection with [through] Balinese Art collected by Margaret Mead* in 1937 [with contemporary Balinese children’s art from the Museum’s collection]. The focus is on daily life, folktales and ritual.

* archival photographs of original art in the Margaret Mead Collection, housed in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

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Custom Exhibitions for Loan

For more information on custom exhibits, call or email the Director of the International Youth Art Exchange at 518-793-2773, x307,