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Standard Exhibitions for Loan

World Awareness Children's Museum: Traveling TreasuresStandard exhibitions are matted, protected with shrink-wrap and come with tabs for easy push-pin hanging. They are available as Regular Exhibitions (up to 20 pieces) or Expanded Exhibitions (21-40 pieces).

Standard Exhibition Fees*

Exhibition Length – 6 Weeks Cost
Regular Exhibition (up to 20 pieces) $195
Expanded Exhibition (21-40 pieces) $295
*Plus Shipping, see Exhibition for Loan Form

Exhibition for Loan Form – download pdf

Art Prints

Individual reproductions of art from the collection are also available for purchase. Contact the Museum at 518-793-2773 for more information.

Regional Themes

Egypt & the Middle East – contemporary and historic illustration from Egypt, Turkey, Iran and the US

New China – colorful and articulate drawings from the schools of Taipei, Taiwan

Pacific Rim – diverse works from the cultures of Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Thailand and Taiwan

Pacific Islands – culturally revealing artistry from Palau, Indonesia, Micronesia and Papua New Guinea

The New Republics – from many now independent states of the former Soviet Union.

Post-Soviet Russia – remarkable paintings from St. Petersburg art schools and elsewhere.

Eastern Europe – with pieces from Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Slovenia.

Latin America, Brazil & Mexico – selections from México, Argentina, Guatemala, Venezuela and Costa Rica.

Indian Subcontinent – culturally rich works in art and detail from India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

West Africa – bold watercolors from Gabon and articulate pencil drawings from Senegal with representation from Guinea or Nigeria.

The New South Africa – colorful pastels and other media from east of Lesotho (can be combined with West Africa for a 40-piece safari).

Western Europe – visits to France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland or Spain.

World Tour – our curatorial mix of often premier pieces from up to seven different countries is a unique and winning selection. A great first or alternative choice.

Scandinavia and Iceland – Fire & Ice – images of mid-summer bon-fires from Finland to clear, crisp drawings from Iceland and Sweden.

Thematic Exhibitions

World Fun – a colorful and diverse look at pleasures and pastimes, toys and games the world over.

Flora, Fauna & Landscapes – drawn from ten or more countries in this 40-piece selection.

Traditions – selections from not only our popular 1997 theme year, but with representative pieces from our decade of international exchange.

Ceremony & Celebration – our most popular title featuring many nationalities and cultures in either a 20- or 40-piece size.

Myths & Legends – tall tales from throughout the world.

House & Home – a revealing cross-cultural sampler of architecture and interiors from many parts of the world, with related landscapes in this 40-piece selection.

Marketplaces – where would you buy a watermelon in Yugoslavia or a toothbrush in Gabon? This 40-piece selection has been expanded to include agriculture and home production.

Business & Industry – an informative pictorial of global resources, expanded in this 40-piece selection to include specifically related landscape and cultural backgrounds.

Sacred Arts – spiritually related works from Easter Europe combined with multi-cultural religion and worship in our larger offering.

International Sport – tennis anyone? or rugby, wrestling, the martial arts – a wide world look at popular sports from diverse cultures around the globe.

World Music and Dance – from master drummers of Africa and the Pacific Islands to Chinese opera and classical ballet, an illustrative look at such traditions we share and those culturally unique.

Academy Series

Predominantly mid-teen and high school representation for secondary level presentations.

Artworld – singularly artistic selections from Nepal, Russia, the Pacific Rim and elsewhere.

Polynesia – extraordinary tribal offerings in pencil, color and ink from the Pacific islands of Palau and Papua New Guinea.

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Custom Exhibitions for Loan

For more information on custom exhibits, call or email the Director of the International Youth Art Exchange at 518-793-2773, x307,