The PLACE That Feels Like Home

Alina Kindron and Natalia Carusone are two Moms with a few things in common.  They are both from outside this area; Alina is from Romania, and Natalia is from Russia.  They moved to this country and are raising families in the Glens Falls area.  Both are working moms; one is an investment officer, and the other is a teacher.  They both serve as Trustees of the Board for the World Awareness Children’s Museum.  Both believe the Museum is very important to our community and their families.  Here are their stories.

Alina Kindron:  My husband and I are raising an amazing soon-to-be four-year-old son who enjoys going to the Museum.  We found this wonderful PLACE for him located in the heart of Glens Falls.  When he goes through the museum doors, he is immersed in a different world, ready to be discovered!  He can visit the rainforest, learn how to use chopsticks in the Japanese Tea Room, sail the Dragon Boat, play unusual musical instruments in the World Music Center, stop for lunch in the French cafe, dress up in World Fashion, learn traditional dances from around the world, and shop in a Nigerian Marketplace, all in one amazing PLACE, the World Awareness Children’s Museum!

We’ve spent countless hours at the Museum, and when it’s time to leave, our son always says “I want to stay here at the ‘zuzeum’ forever and ever!” 

With my international background, I feel a strong connection to the museum and its vision and just as important, I strongly believe we need to educate our children about other cultures and instill global awareness.

Your support means a lot to us and will allow us to create and develop our programs and fulfill our mission. Please make a donation to the museum. NOW, more than ever we need your support!  Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, so let’s help them become great ones!

Natalia Carusone:  At some point in our lives, we may have to find our own PLACE and make it feel like home.  For me, it happened when I first entered the Museum to meet with the Museum founder, Dr. Jacquiline Touba.  She was writing a book about myths and legends and selecting art from the Museum’s collection of international children’s art for the book.  Dr. Touba had pulled many drawings including some from Russia.  The first picture I saw created this incredible connection for me.  I was born in Zheleznogorsk, a small city in Southern Siberia, 5,500 miles away from Glens Falls, and this very first piece of art was from my hometown.   What a coincidence!  I felt a piece of my home so far away right here at the museum.  

Several years later, as I watch my children discover the beauty of every culture and learn about our diverse world at our Children’s Museum, I never stop being amazed how special this PLACE is. It is already highly-regarded in our area and I hope more and more people will recognize its value in the lives of children as well as all members of our community! 

This is the time of the year you can become a part of this amazing mission!   If you have given already, Alina and I thank you.  If not, please make your donation today and thank you on behalf of our community’s children!